OptoSonic Tea

This Thursday Dec 7th 8:30 pm – OptoSonic Tea @ Diapason Gallery I will be participating in discussion with the performing artists.

Live Sets by

  • Bill Etra (live visuals) with James Herring (music)
  • LoVid (Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus) visuals and music on handmade audio/video synthesizers

Invited Artist – Anton Marini

OptoSonic Tea is a new regular series of meetings dedicated to the convergence of live visuals with live sound which focuses on the visual component. These presentation-and-discussion meetings aim to explore different forms of live visuals (live video, live film, live slide projection and their variations and combinations) and the different ways they can come into interaction with live audio. Each evening features two different live visual artists or groups of artists who each perform a set with the live sound artists of their choice. The presentations are followed by an informal discussion about the artists’ practices over a cup of green tea. A third artist, from previous generations of visualists or related fields, is invited specifically to participate in this discussion so as to create a dialogue between current and past practices and provide different perspectives on the present and the future.

Organized by Katherine Liberovskaya and Ursula Scherrer

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