Max/MSP/Jitter, v.001. Color seperator & Chromakey based feedback. Two modules that will be included with v.001. Note at 3:06 you can see the source image without effects for reference.

For those that are interested, the pipeline for the Color seperator,

incoming matrix -> jit.unpack 4 -> jit.mxform 2d (for red/blue channels) -> jit.pack 4 -> outgoing matrix.

And for the Chromakey feedback,

incoming matrix -> jit.chromakey, outgoing matrix & -> jit.brcosa -> jit.rota -> jit.chromakey input 2.

Simple processes create complexity.

Click to play. (QT 7 h.264)

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  1. wetterberg Says:

    Gorgeous! Really simple and really effective. I wish more people would go back to that, really.


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