Pure Data is now officially a programming language.

Claude Heiland-Allen posted an impressive patch that proves Pure Data is turing complete to the PD list this evening. His email:

Hi everybody,

Remember those long discussions about whether Pd is a programming language or (an inferior) something else?Well, to settle the matter, I made a brainf*ck[1] interpreter in vanilla Pd using no externals[2]. Now you can be sure that you can compute anything computable[3] using your favourite multimedia tool! As Pd’s string handling sucks, output is a printout of the decimal value of each character. Keyboard input is through [key], so you enter characters fairly naturally (wait for the yellow signal before you type each character). There is no way to indicate end-of-file.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brainfuck
[2] As Pd’s string handling sucks, you need to convert your .bf source code into decimal form before loading it. A simple C program “decdump.c” to do this is attached.
[3] Provided it can be computed within the memory available, which in this interpreter is 1,000,000 cells each being an integer from 0 to 255 inclusive.


See the attachments and full source in the PD list archives. Very very cool.

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