Security Player 001 (Beta)

A few weeks ago Digg had a post on how to google search for exposed webcameras. The cameras typically had pan, tilt, zoom and focus control. Being the Jitter nerd that I am, I immediatly wrote a quick patch to pull in and control a webcam via a jitter patch. It worked, but jit.uldl has major blocking issues – especially when you are constantly pinging and downloading. After learning a bit of Java and borrowing code from some examples in the Javadoc folder, i have a threaded java image downloader and controller class for the webcam.

Security Player 001 beta is both a patch and a set of easy to re-use bpatchers and mxj code to interface with these cameras. I havent put in any Jitter post processing for effects, ill leave that to you. This software is free – licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike – Non-Commercial – Attribution license and comes with absolutely no warranty. Im sure someone can find some interesting things to do with these cameras..

There are a few small issues:

  • I used the silkscreen font, since it is easy to read and nice and small and free. Please download it, or feel free to re-size widgets accordingly
  • different models and regions of the cameras have slightly different parameters to control them – so not all cameras may workwith the motion controls ..yet – (ive yet to find out a method for determining what variables/URL parameters the camera listens within java easily.. ) .
  • Some java threading issues if you change your camera host.. you may get older frames untill everything ‘catches’ up.
  • I havent exposed a way to dynamically add new entries to the host list. Easy enough, just edit the ubumenu in the abstraction.
  • If you want to contribute, have fixes or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. I know there are many more experienced java programmers who could lick the java code with out too much work..

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    […] NY VJ + coder Vade maintains a fairly technical blog detailing his exploits with the likes of max/msp and jitter. Plenty of beautiful stills to look at, and most recently he made available a patch which exploits the capacity to find security webcams around the world using google, and then utilise these in a video application. […]

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