Evolutionary Graphics… Spawner and Spore

Marlon pointed me to Spawner – an genetic/evolutionary graphics toolkit by Derek Gerstman, which is now out for Jitter (Windows only for now). The source is available, so I am attempting to compile it for OS X (yeah right.. like i’ll get that to work..). Spawner can produce some pretty nice imagery if you are into pure image synthesis. Im curious how it performs – and cant wait to get my hands dirty with it.

On Derek’s site I also stumbled upon a really wonderful page explaining practical evolutionary graphics. Some of the work is really quite stunning.

Some of the imagery on the Spawner website reminds me a bit of of Spore – a particle system renderer for Irix and Linux and OS X written by CG guru Richard Baily of Image Savant. Spore has been used for post production/vis efx in many movies – as well as stand alone DVDs. Spore also has a genetic/evolutionary component to it, as seen on the site: Spore info page. I highly suggest you check out Spore. The imagry are nebulous and cosmic – interesting that the same basic algortihms and concepts, evolution and mutation, can create imagery so in touch with the heavens. Of course, that should come to no surpise to most people – it seems obvious in fact – but seeing it is quite something else. Also take the time to download the quickime files on Image Savant – really astounding. Spore was part of my aesthetic inspiration for the void001 video I created.. In fact, void001 was initially an attempt to get Jitter in GL to create imagery similar in feel to Spore…

I eagerly await the day when code like this can really run in realtime.



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  1. ecume Says:

    the Spore images are really beautiful stuff. Too bad that one isn’t open source…

  2. dan Says:

    Math! Did you see the visuals he did for Solaris? Gorgeous, gorgeous math.

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