More Jitter/MSP stuff. These water droplets are audio responsive, and realtime displace and warp the background imagery – as if the waterbeads on your lens could dance.

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  1. Peter Kirn Says:

    That is truly gorgeous, man. I’d love to see the patch. I found some of the displacement stuff a little sluggish in Jitter . . . thought about trying a custom shader? (Or are you doing that with this?)

  2. vade Says:

    Hey Peter –

    The main displacement is actually using [jit.repos @mode 1], which is one of the fastest objects in the jitter arsenal, Im still not 100% fully up on the shader stuff, im sure you could do this with it… I really would love to see a nice library of 3rd party shaders for Jitter ready to go.. (thats another story)…

    Im using [jit.poke~] to read audio in from [adc~] (basically the [jit.poke~] help patch but with one plane, not 4), but adding matrix-feedback with [jit.op @op -] to make the audio waveform vaninish after so many cycles, and [jit.avg4] to do the smoothing. I then feed the result as the displacement map for [jit.repos @mode 1] which displaces the movie. I also use a [jit.op @op +] (or whatever..absdiff looks quite nice too) to add the luma of the displacement map onto the video itself, which gives the white watery overlay.

    The patch is pretty nuanced, ive added some [pink~] noise to the [jit.poke~] audio chain to do some smearing-randomness, and controlling the LFO’s can be a bit of a pain. I need to clean the patch up, I was programming it while performing at Share. Kind of fun – im really happy with the results.

    BTW, have you checked out Aesthetic Computing, from MIT press, I think you’d dig it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Tones Says:

    wow, this looks gorgeous! when can we check a video?

  4. Fell Says:

    That’s sick, I love it!

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