Advanced Jitter workshop…

Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music put together a small advanced Jitter workshop last weekend, run by Cyclings own Wesley Smith. Wesley ran a kick ass workshop – we covered the basics of creating externals for Jitter in C with Codewarrior. Seriously amazing – I was able to pretty easily create a replacement for jit.op@ op +, but sans any hardcore optimization – once Wesley took us through the voodoo of making basic object with all of the initialization methods, etc.

I had the pleasure of haning out with Wesley a bit at Share the next day, and he showed me some of the new objects he is working on. Some seriously handy objects for Jitter are in the pipeline from new Xray objects to some new Jitter native objects, ones Ive really wanted as well. 1.6 looks to be a very nice update.

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