Drupal, Drupal Camp and some thoughts

Polytech hosted Drupal Camp NYC last weekend, and I was there playing host at around 8:30am. I have been pondering porting the shareCMS over to Drupal as modules, and wanted to use the weekend to get to know Drupal better. Besides being hung over and barely conscious early in the morning, I have to say, Drupal is impressive, but… my god.. its trying to do so much for so many people. I am both intruiged and revolted by the software. Using the CCK to make workflows and other things seems so fucking convoluted and makes no sense to me, whatso ever. Large open source projects seem to have a dearth of good interface design and information design. Lots of really talnted, smart, dedicated programmers, but jesus christ…

One mans opinion. All Drupal Camp made me think of is how much I need to work on and polish the rest of shareCMS….

At least I got to hang out with Tim!

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  1. Tones Says:

    Oh man, entirely agreed about Drupal’s UI and informatical problems.

    Again, let me know if you ever want to talk about the smoothest way to port shareCMS to Drupal. (A lot of the crazy ish- workflow, actions, cck, etc- is simply not done yet, despite how some people talk about it. 6-12 months from now it will be badass. Right now, it’s secondary to Drupal’s core competencies imo.)

    Good to see you too, dude.

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