Graffiti Research : Led Throwies in St. Marks

Graffiti Research @ Eyebeam had an LED Throwies event tonight at Astor Place/St Marks (“The Cube”). I must have made about a hundred of them, and documented the event. Ill throw a video up once I get the time to edit something appropriate. Enjoy the pics for now.

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  1. Dietrich H Says:

    footage of the Throwies hosted on associated webpage has music played along with the video. What is the artist please? I heard this very song on a compilation CD that had some awesome other tunes on it and am having great difficulty finding the exact realease on the net. I only recalled two other songs on it, and this one makes a third. Please reveal the aritist and song:):):)

  2. Dietrich H Says:

    BTW the LED Throwies, indeed, LED anything, are tres cool

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