DBV Static 0.6 – Open VJ App from Gabocoy

DBV Static is an open source VJ app made in Max/MSP/Jitter from Satoshi Horii . Its pretty basic in functionality, but does what it does really well, and the UI is beautiful.

My favorite aspect of DBV is that it is meant to be easily user extenible. One can easily write Jitter patches as effect modules and plug them in to DBV without batting an eye. This is the essential aspect the the new version of Vade (more on that later). Satoshi Horii was kind enough to give me the sourcecode to DBV 0.6, and I have to say he writes some really lean Max code. Very clean, very nice, very easy to understand. I learnt a few tricks even from a casual glance which has already made it into the latest beta of Vade.

But more on DBV – I am really impressed with not just the UI, but how easy it is to work in DBV. Here are some screenshots of it running on in Max:

Basic DBV Screen, nice, clean UI (note these shots are from the Beta sourcecode):

DBV takes from Grid (I mean, who wouldnt), and does a nice job offering different ‘pages’ of clips. If you drop a folder that has more movies than can be contained in a ‘page’, it gladly makes a new one for you, which you can navigate too and fro. Unlike Grid, DBVs thumbnail browser doesnt offer pre-caching/loading of movies. Not that it needs to, because it isnt trying to do triggering. However, note the bottom timline. The “Ring Buffer” is is one of the sexiest peices of Jitter coding ive seen in a long time. You can record into the Ring Buffer from main out, movie out, or effect out to cache and play back:

You can then select what portion of the Ring Buffer you want to play, and can sync the playback to BPM via tap tempo (and his actually works… note to self, his tap tempo recording is much more accurate than mine..)

And with the Mixer you can Chroma or XFade the Ring Buffer with the movie out, and apply effects.

I really think this is a great project – it picks a few things and does them really nicely. O cant wait to see a final version of it released and a community grow around it. I can see people building some really nice plugins to make their own style. I plan on offering some of the modules I write for Vade as DBV plugins. Very cool stuff – great work! BTW, check out his Technote site as well. I wish I could read Japanese!

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