Quartonian VSM – by Eskatonic

Eskatonic (Roger Bolton) has been working on some various interesting VJ tools, and has just released Quartonian VSM, which is a Quartz Composer VJ application that runs QC/Core Image effects on still images. It seems to run really well with my initial tests, and is by far one of the best Quartz Composer tools ive seen put out. It has a native Cocoa UI, none of that ‘in the renderer’ bullshit that some QC patches has. It can run multple layers, multiple effects at once, with nice QC transitions. Recomended for those who dont want to roll their own QC patches. I admittedly gave up on QC some time ago. It seemed very toyish to a native Max/MSP user as no logic is given to the patching environment, and has to be written in OBJ-C/Cocoa. I suppose this is a good thing in the long run. I need to get my Cocoa chops back up, as Max/MSP has been pissing me off to no end lately..

Link to Quartonian VSM

Interestingly (or not..) Eskatonic is a fellow arsian, read his post here, which is where I picked up on this.

Eskatonic has been working on some other QC tools, particularly Quartonian, which, imho, has a bit of work left in it. If it gets the polish that Quartonic VSM has, it will be a fun tool to play with. Eskatonic has been at work documenting lots of QC features, workarounds and updates – check out the rest of his site for good posts for those looking for Quartz Composer how tos, info and tips, and impressive VFX work.

Now, whatever happened to Edo??……

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