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A few days ago, Mobile Processing was updated to 0002 – and Processing ‘proper’ was updated to 0103. Mobile Processing allows one to compile sketches as midlets (Java Applets) for mobile phones that support a Java runtime engine. There are many libraries out there that allow one to access the various APIs that exist (bluetooth, sms, multimedia etc). I am a big fan of Mobile Processing.
From the changelog:

  • Support for touchscreen devices. pointerPressed, pointerX, pointerY, pointerPressed(), pointerDragged(), pointerReleased() added.
  • Handset library renamed to Phone library. The new Phone library has support for launching the phone browser, making a phone call, and fullscreen drawing.
  • Net Client library is now part of the standard core features as PClient.
  • Xml library added.
  • Proguard obfuscation/pruning/shrinking added on export.

Speaking of Processing, the blog aggregate Processing Blogs has some nice commentary on the state of the IDE, and its impact on new media art, artists:

“Being focused on small code sketches/experiments and used by various respected artists the tool created an huge amount of interest fairly quickly. In retrospect (well, for me after almost 3 years) I also think it encouraged a slightly superficial view of computational design by quickly gaining cult status amongst people never been exposed to programming before. I think it’s dangerous and a sign of crisis if every recycled L-System, Neural Network, Wolfram automata or webcam tracking experiment automatically is considered art (by their authors), simply because it’s been “(Re)Built with Processing”…”

Great post from Toxi which caused quite a stir. Check the comments and his follow up post. Interesting read. Fry (one of the Processing developers) has a good response on the Processing forums.

Also, if you are interested in learning Processing, the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU has some 2006 Processing syllabi and coursework up online.

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