Relive 1985…

A good late night find: an update to the coolest terminal application/emulator on OS X, ever, GLTerminal has been hacked to run under 10.4 Follow the thread on Arstechnicas Openforum. GLTerminal was written and abandoned by an Apple OpenGL developer as a showcase app at a WWDC workshop a few years ago. it included such explicitly unnecessary preferences like CRT tube emulation, screen flicker, and slow modem baud rate emulation. Oh, come-on, admit it, thats fucking awesome:

Those cant quite capture the glee of seeing tcpdump captures flow by in slow motion flickered matrix green (I prefer the amber myself, much more Avalon)

Now I can relive all of my favorite moments in War Games, Sneakers and Hackers.. now where I put my wardailer…?

Link to Unauthorized GLTerminal Update

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