More Post Macworld news

Now that the dust is clearing, some of the debris from the Intel announcement is becoming visible. This one has me very surprised:

Current Pro Apps are not supported under Rosetta. – At least not until March!

If Apple hits its target and ships February (which as everyone knows in Apple lingo means the end of February), thats at least a whole month without Pro Apps on the flagship portable. But Apple said March, which we just concluded means end of March, which means 2 months without Pro Apps – at all. No emulation, no Rosetta support. Nothing. While that might not seem like a long time, I suspect a lot of the first movers and alpha geeks will be caught off guard and unsuspecting, and have an essentially useless machine on their hands untill the updates arive. This also is discounting the slowdown of running other apps under Rosetta itself, since no major 3rd party has announced high end products that are Universal Binaries available now, or near relase date. I suspect rough waters for the early adopters. The more I ponder this, the more I am glad im not in the immediate market for a new Power erm… MacBook Pro (shudder).


So, heres an interesting read regarding the performance claims made by Apple. I cant wait to see some benches of real world apps.

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