v002 work in progress

Talk is easy.

A quick demo of some of the current live patching ideas being experimented on in v002.app during our Eyebeam residency.

The goal of v002 is to lower user interface latency of live performance software, and create a playable software interface that feels at home in an improvisational environment.

v002 is heavily influenced and borrows ideas from a plethora of sources: Quicklook, Spotlight / Quicksilver’s live search (with aliasing included, so users can also explore and guess at feature names*), Maya and Modo’s spatial menu system (for muscle memory and hierarchical navigation), and obviously tools like Autodesk Flame/Smoke, Max/MSP, Pure Data, Quartz Composer and the entire family of node based tools.

We explore a simplified patching environment, along with a “flight deck” (UI objects can be dragged out of detail views and placed onto the canvas – so users can have an overview with immediately accessible controls, and detail views for tweaking). We explore auto-node connection, removal and re-connection so the object graph remains connected when being edited, some basic auto-graph layout methods.
v002 is *heavily* in progress, and we have a lot more to explore. Stay tuned.

* Aliasing is demoed when searching for the “Analog Glitch” effect. You can search: “Distortion”, “Noise”, “Interference”, “TV”, along with the effect name, “Analog Glitch” – all will return the intended effect. Searching “Glitch”, for example, nets you multiple hits, where you can choose the desired result.

7 Responses to “v002 work in progress”

  1. Emer Says:

    Talk is easy. 😉

    heh. looks fantastic.

  2. robe Says:

    J’ai vraiment aimé cet article, de très bons conseils!

  3. Mendoza Says:

    Very impressive works!

  4. Matos Says:

    Looks amazing. Your site is growing new connections in my brain. I’m an artist using the lzx analogue video system. Learning how to blend the analogue with the digital is mind numbing at times. But you work inspires me constantly. Thanks brother!

  5. 639me Says:

    can’t wait! i would be willing to pay upfront, if that would help

  6. Patto Carvente Says:

    When is going to be available to download the V002.app?

  7. vade Says:

    When its far enough along to release a limited beta.

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