Constellation is a plugin for QuickSilver which is a new UI paradigm for accessing data quickly within QS. Really beautifully designed – It uses a ‘Radial Menu’ metaphor for browsing information in applications (menus, options etc), files, or anything QuickSilver can do with the normal keyboard interface.

It can be used as an application switcher (1st), an iTunes controller/browser (2nd) or an ‘Application Menu’ browser (see last). You can also define your own triggers via Quicksilver to display whatever information you want. Quicksilver is an amazingly deep program, which you can get to do just about anything you want that has anything remotely to do with interfacing to your computer. Quicksilver started off mainly using the keyboard as its UI device of choice, but if you are a fan of muscle memory, check out Constellation (its downloadable via the plugin manager within QuickSilver). Play and customize to your hearts content.

Really beautiful stuff. I simply wish it didnt crash as often as it did.

Link to a blacktree forum.
Link to how to enable (its quite a few steps).

Make sure to explore the slower ‘Slide Screen’ options for some beautiful use of Quartz/Core Image. Amazing.

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