>>> Transmissions From a Dying Planet

And It was here I found [[self class] instance].
On a barren, new world.

2453+5000 = 7453 orbits. After.
I promise(d) to leave no terminal unread, no binary string unconverted.
No map unopened.
No world left undiscovere^^.

[ increa^*\se spatial^ and temporal^^/ resolution via th::[\caught error:0x43320f\] is hyper link:]

3 Responses to “>>> Transmissions From a Dying Planet”

  1. robbie Says:

    hey, cool piece. how did you do the opening titles? Was that a text effect in after effects or something else? Cheers, r

  2. vade Says:

    Quartz v002 Composer Glitch plugins 🙂

  3. 639me Says:

    i like the font, the music
    and of cource the glitchiness.
    reminds me of ‘stalker’, – alienness to the degree of complete abstraction

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