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I’ve been really busy.

Myself, Paris and Outpt are now resident VJs at Pacha, one of the larger nightclubs in NYC. you can find one, or two of us any Friday or Saturday night there, playing with some of the more popular DJs in the global dance scene.

I was also very honored to be a part of the Open Frameworks Worldwide Developer Conference, hosted by Golan Levin and the Studio for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh PA. I don’t think I have been surrounded by a more intelligent and talented group of individuals. Amazing time. Note to self, next time, actually prepare a presentation. Informal my ass.

Some new releases, in case you missed it:

v002 Model Loader for Quartz Composer.

And some things to come:

v002 Open Kinect

A plugin that allows for Kinect tilt control, and 32 bit float point depth image, infra red or color image output, made possible by libfreenect.

v002 FTGL

Extruded 3D text in Quartz Composer, including image input and UV coordinate control for texturing effects:

Also, Syphon is going to be getting some really nice new tools soon, thanks to Tom Butterworth, who has been optimizing and hacking away like crazy on our GPU accelerated recording application for Syphon. We’ve also been working on a nicer Screen Capture solution for Syphon to grab applications that are not yet Syphon aware.

14 Responses to “//////////////////// ] >\ << timeout.”

  1. David Stolarsky Says:

    hey congrats on the residency!

  2. Charlie Francis Says:

    That text extruder plugin looks awesome! Been looking for a solution to the multi layer hack.


  3. Leon Trimble Says:

    be great to see new syphon tools? will it be possible to send gpu stuff to another computer, evar?

  4. vade Says:

    Leon; in a way, you can now. Use jitters jit.net.send to send uncompressed frames across the network. We get asked this a lot (see the Syphon forums), its not something planned immediately, but there are some semi-usable solutions now.

  5. 639me Says:


  6. a|x Says:

    Congratulations on the residency, sounds great!
    Those plugins also look very cool. Are the Text Extrude and Kineme ones available for download yet? Would love to take those for a spin.


  7. a|x Says:

    Ah, found v002 Open Kinect beta on Kineme.


  8. ccb Says:

    v002 FTGL Is it released?

  9. vade Says:

    It is now: https://github.com/v002/

  10. ccb Says:

    Wow Thanks!
    However, it can not load the v002-FTGL plug-in was built in the QC is what is the problem?

  11. vade Says:

    I have no idea what that means.

  12. ccb Says:

    Could the plug-ins that are built if you feel up to it? Please!

  13. vade Says:

    Install Xcode 4.3.2, download the project from github. Open it. Hit Run. Done.

  14. ccb Says:

    Thank you vade. I’ll try

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