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  1. nrlnd Says:

    !!!! I love you !!!!

  2. Aitor Says:

    Hey Anton… this is an amazing piece of software, I was just trying to find a workaround to capture jpegs from Alchemy via a QC patch, as Joris form hybridvisuals shows on one of his tutorials, and I guess that using your capture screen plugin will do a nice job in vdmx, but Syphon seems like the perfect solution for internal video tap between apps, did you already released this?



  3. vade Says:

    Its being used in private beta, we hope to release it soon. You can check out details on – there are some small manageable kinks in some of the implementations that we want to sort out for the first public beta. Stay tuned 🙂

  4. Aitor Says:

    Hi Anton…
    After some time I could follow the thread, brilliant work!!
    I was just wondering if this way would it be possible to share video frames between 2 computers via firewire…
    I was trying to figure out a way of mixing 2 signals in VGA 1024 or higher, but most solutions (hardware) are very expensive,
    I bumped into toby sparks project with the DVI mixer, which looks nice, but still waiting to see if it comes out.
    Syphon seems like could do this in a very natural way, and with the higher speed transfer of firewire 800 it could be very nice solution..
    not very sure how to make it work though, and if sending frames via firewire the resolution will be limited somehow?

    thanks already for your genius work…


  5. Jaquinde Says:

    Hi Anton,

    Please pelase plesae figure out the firewire dilema that Aitor mentioned. Firewire casting solutions for the win!!!

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