v002 Glitch Jpeg

v002 Glitch Jpeg from vade on Vimeo.

Realtime Jpeg corruption on input video frame or 3D rendering in Quartz Composer.

Pass in an image and it is re-compressed on the fly to a corrupted jpeg, and rendered out. Still major work in progress.

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  1. fabio Says:


  2. dan winckler Says:


  3. Kyle McDonald Says:

    Oh man I have notes in my sketchbook from last week describing exactly this!

    I was going to do it with OpenFrameworks using FreeImage though, so I could glitch live input (FreeImage has functions for encoding and decoding JPEGs in RAM). A 640×480 takes about 12 ms to encode on my machine, so it’s totally realtime.

    What exactly is the “glitch” you’re applying? Bit flipping?

  4. vade Says:

    Kyle, basically this downloads the texture from QC to uncompressed RGBA data, makes a new Jpeg out of it and ‘saves’ it to ram. I glitch a ‘glitch length’ number of bytes in the jpeg starting from ‘glitch offset’ to a random number(s). This simply replaces the bytes, but I should probably explore some other methods. Either way, I then decompress the jpeg to an uncompressed image in ram and upload to the GPU.

    This all using CGImage API stuff from OS X. I can in theory compress to other formats (I had a version that did that), but jpeg2000 is very slow, GIF is not very interesting (at least glitched the way I was doing it), TIFF, TGA and BMP look very uninteresting. Honestly the best option looking through things was JPEG. Other formats required images to be square and power or twos, and still looked boring, or just completely broke.

    Alas :)

  5. oliver delano Says:

    i just love your brand of madness!!!

  6. Kyle McDonald Says:

    Thanks for the further description of the process :)

    I’m sure you check the glitch pool now and then http://www.flickr.com/groups/glitches/

    I feel like I’ve seen most image formats tagged in that stream… including GIF, PNG, TIFF. I don’t think people bend BMP directly but sometimes interpret other lossless formats as BMP just for fun. It’d be great to see what other formats might work if you approach them with the “right glitch”.

  7. vade Says:

    sadly, I actually don’t frequent flickr often, let alone know of all the groups etc.

    The glitch image reader version can work on images files on disk of those formats, also including PSD, which I find really interesting how it messes up.

    I should post a series that has the same image messed up in all of the formats, could be fun.

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