Electric Zoo

Joshua Goldberg got me hooked on VJing when showed me his app Dervish and gave me source code to its Max/MSP/Jitter patch back in 2001 or so – before I knew anything deep about Jitter at all. Dervish was a real eye opener for many reasons, but most importantly If it was not for him, I would not be doing anything remotely like what I am doing today with my art & programming. So it was a great compliment that he asked me to play along side him for Electric Zoo in NYC this labor day.

Here are some screen shots of my output during our 4 hour or so set together with Josh playing along with Robbie Rivera, Roger Sanchez and Benny Benassi. Was an extraordinary amount of fun. Like 36,000 people fun. Video and photos coming soon.

8 Responses to “Electric Zoo”

  1. Ilan Says:

    These are really beautiful. How come I have never seen you do this kind of stuff when I see you perform? Huh!? Huh!!! And where’s some damn video of this stuff?

  2. dan winckler Says:

    The pentagonal shape of the last few shots gives it away — you’ve morphed from vade to supervade. beautiful work.

  3. joshua goldberg Says:

    it was a total pleasure to play with you, supervade. if you’d like a repeat (but no money this time) we can do it again at rebel on 9/19.

  4. giles hendrix Says:

    Superb – can’t get enough of those beautiful geometric masks mixed with the interlaced faces.

  5. superDraw Says:

    super vade indeed! you’ve raised the bar again: stop leaving me in the dust!

  6. vade Says:

    Aw, you guys are too sweet! Stop it! *blush* 😛 Josh I will be in touch!

  7. evz Says:

    really remarkable output…images are mesmerizing.

  8. jonCates Says:

    the forms you are using reminds me of the similarly wwwonderful:

    TIMOND sketch – Morgan Higby Flowers (2009)

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