While fixing bugs in v002 plugins and experimenting with Quartz Composer 4.0, stumbled on to this. I think its worth exploring some new aesthetic directions.

4 Responses to “Buildings”

  1. .lov. Says:

    very nice 😉

  2. Mario_KeepItVisual Says:

    Hows it goin playa,
    I really really like this. Was wondering how you went about it.
    Have you applied a glitch over a scene you constructed in Quartz?
    No clue


  3. vade Says:

    Hi Mario, Im basically rendering 2 different sets of geometry to a texture in Quartz Composer using a render in image patch, and then using some private effects to mess up the resulting images and keeping the alpha channel intact, and then drawing one image over the other (like a layer in photoshop).

    The geometry is never really messed up (although it could be in theory), its just the image effect + composite that makes it look cool :)

  4. Morgan Freeman Says:

    Nice… you never fail to impress, even by accident. Looks like you got one of the free google 3d buildings and applied some random generative patch to it? Going to release the how to on this?

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