CRT emulation

These images are not taken from an image of a CRT screen, but are synthesized entirely within Quartz Composer. Ive been working on a CRT emulator for Open Emu to help make playing older console games more of a true experience to the original. The plugin emulates proper scan lines (not just drawing a mask over everything, but proper illumination, scan lines are not as visible over bright pixels since the light bleeds over the scan line) and ‘sub pixel’ phosphor patterns on the CRT tube. Since Open Emu uses Quartz Composer, we can feed anything to the plugins. Experimenting with the v002 glitch plugins yielded the results below:

4 Responses to “CRT emulation”

  1. Kyle McDonald Says:

    Looks awesome. Not a big fan of barrel distortion (what about flatscreen CRTs? 🙂 ) but the phosphor patterns and scanlines are beautiful.

  2. vade Says:

    Hehe, indeed, the tube distortion is a bit much, but its entirely optional thankfully. 🙂 The phosphor and scan lines were surprisingly difficult to massage to keep the over-all luminosity similar to the input image. A lot of annoyances 🙂

  3. a|x Says:

    Really nice!
    Any plans to release this?

  4. vade Says:

    Hey a|x, the code is available now, as is on’s svn repository. It will be released with the next Open Emu beta 🙂

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