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Ive been busy lately with many projects. The v002 application which has been hinted at is coming along very nicely thanks to help from ‘bangnoise’, aka Tom Butterworth. Tom wrote the lovely ‘real’ datamosh plugin for Quartz Composer, and has been amazingly helpful in many regards. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Tom in London. Lovely guy, and I am really happy to have his help.

I also have some newer plugins for QC as well as doing some graphics pipeline improvements to Open Emu. During this ive been posting small updates via twitter, if you care, you can find me @_vade on twitter, or email me at vade [ at ] vade [ dot ] info if you are interested in beta testing things.

Here is a taste of an Open Emu upcoming feature, and stay tuned for some updates to the v002 Movie Player which has some nice improvements and bug fixes thanks to Tom as well. Heres some retarded fun with Open Emus new Quartz Composer filtering pipeline…

Open Emu – New Filters/Scaler system from vade on Vimeo.

Ongoing OpenEmu development has seen a lot of changes recently. One of the exciting new features is leveraging Quartz Composer for post processing frames from the various console emulators using OpenGL. These filters allow high quality scaling using GLSL and whatnot. But a lot more fun can be had with the Quartz Composer backend…

This filter aims to emulate what gaming is like on an older CRT monitor.. literally. We borrow from Stellas new CRT emulation code, and build on it by adding iSight powered reflections in the CRT, and distortion to match the curvature of the tube.

This is just a relatively simply example of what can be done using Quartz Composer as a filter system, there are a lot more opportunities to have fun and adjust the output image to suite hard core tweakers and experimenters 🙂


Just a sneek peak at an currently un-optimized filter/functionality.

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  1. pelado Says:

    Ha, I really like the reflections! Great.

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