Some images and video from LPM 2009. In short, awesome.

LPM 2009 VJ Jam Excerpt 1 of 3 – View in HD

LPM 2009 VJ Jam Excerpt 2 of 3

LPM 2009 VJ Jam Excerpt 3 of 3

3 Responses to “LPM”

  1. .lov. Says:

    There is v002 in action on one of the picz?

  2. vade Says:

    Yeah, in a few, although the UI right now is a drop in to get the rendering engine and other aspects of the app working, so its nothing representing the final goal :) Patience! Its being worked on!

  3. .lov. Says:

    Good to see it, i am very concerned :)

    ps.: love the splash screen 😉

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