v002 Movie Player FFT analysis

v002 Movie Player with FFT Audio Analysis Demo from vade on Vimeo.

A user suggested I add audio analysis to the movie player plugin. Turns out Apple has some pretty easy APIs to add FFT analysis to your QT movie playback code, so I implemented it tonight. Its a bit rough, but this is nice because it grabs only audio from the currently playing movie (meaning you could, in theory have 2 of these going and get different FFTs out), and runs based off of volume in the patch, so you can fade out your audio and the FFT respects that. Kind of neat!

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  1. Jay J Says:

    You know i like that, the more things available in one patch the better. Look 4ward to be able to test and giving you some more constructive feedback. Nice one vade!

  2. omer Says:

    Hi, this looks amazing! looking forward to see more examples.
    cheers – Omer

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