Optical Flow on GPU

Andrew Benson of Cycling 74 released earlier today a really badass GPU/GLSL based Optical Flow Implementation. “Oh wow that sounds nerdy” you say. Fuck you, it kicks ass, and lets you do things like this:

motion distortion 2 from andrew benson on Vimeo.

I ported it to QC with his permission, and will be releasing it soon on the v002 site. Thanks Andrew for letting me port, and for sharing it with the world. Badass shit brother your kung fu is strong! Here is a quick video demonstrating in Quartz Composer:

GPU HSFlow port to Quartz Composer from vade on Vimeo.

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  1. Ciabba Says:


  2. Create Digital Motion » Teaser: HS Optical Flow in Quartz Composer Says:

    […] Optical Flow on GPU [abstrakt.vade.info] […]

  3. Sandor Says:

    Hey Vade, that is looking cool. Is that a fluid solver you are using for the sim (like the Jos Stam FFT)? That would be great to have that in QC… Could you give some info please?

  4. axiom crux Says:

    where can we download the QC port? Id love to mace QC versions of some of the things ive been making with this! (would be a cool screensaver šŸ˜›

  5. vade Says:

    http://002.vade.info šŸ˜‰

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