Glitch File Reader

This is a demo of a new Quartz Composer patch which takes *any* file as an input and outputs a color or grayscale image of a width and height you set. The glitch file reader has a ‘playhead’ which allows you to seek through the file, essentially playing any arbitrary file back as a quicktime movie. It interprets the contents of a file as uncompressed video data using Core Video. Glitch file reader is multithreaded, so you can scan through very large tiff files (for example) while not experiencing stutters in your rendering.

This demo ‘plays/visualizes’ a few different files; A quicktime movie, an AIFF file, an application (Photoshop CS3) and a large TIFF file. The ‘playhead’ is driven by an LFO to automatically offset the location in the file we are looking at. There are tons of other opportunities to find visually interesting content….

Glitch File Reader from vade on Vimeo.

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  1. kjell bjorgeengen Says:


    Do you have any plans to release this patch?


  2. vade Says:

    Yup, there will be a new release of the Glitch plugin with this plus some other new patches soonish. No promises on how soon soon is 🙂

  3. 031: Glitch Study: VADE « t y p o m o t i o n Says:

    […] Glitch File Reader […]

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