Game Emulators in Quartz Composer

Dan and I have been working on an as of yet un-released open source project – a Game Emulator app for OS X. We just got ‘software based” hardware bending working in Quartz Composer. Josh Weinberg, the lead dev, was kind enough to expose that functionality from the NES plugin. Animatable, controllable software based NES rom glitching, in Quartz Composer. Video coming soon 🙂

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  1. Ciabba Says:


  2. a\x Says:

    Nice! It’s good to see this getting nearer to seeing the light of day. Great work!

  3. Keith Says:

    Very cool! Does this mean it will run on the graphics card, come 10.6?

  4. dan winckler Says:

    Keith: not the core emulation, no. However, vade is porting some of the scaling effects (ScaleX, Hqx) and some of the TV effects (chroma & luma artifacts, bleeding, etc).

  5. dan winckler Says:

    correction: it’s Scale2x, not ScaleX (

  6. vade Says:

    To have it run on the GPU on 10.6 would require the engine to support Grand Central and OpenCL, which is very much not likely, as Dan said.

  7. VJ Anomolee Says:

    Hey yo Vade.
    PLEASE! let me get a taste of the virtual bent NES goodness!!
    I am limited with just atari 2600 in Max/msp …
    i Love QC so much more.. Please share.

  8. VJ Anomolee Says:

    Hi. Sorry to bother again. Any chance I could get an email when OpenEMU for QC is released?

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