The joys of tool building

Ive gotten back into more rigorous development on v002 and its plugins. We are slowly reaching a point where it is very stable, and quite usable for experimentation, with only a few key features missing that are “required”. Building your own tools often requires learning about subjects that are not directly related to your interests, or even your project. Its interesting, but can be quite distracting and not helpful in maintaining any sort of artistic creativity, spontaneity or drive. In short, its draining. But, you get to build some cool things.

So, what have I been working on?

Expect a bunch of new QC plugins soon:
A set of Glitch plugins (very soon)
The Rutt Etra in QC
A set of Film emulation plugins (ports of v001 shaders to QC)

and some new tricks for QC, namely, a much better Quicktime Player for asynchronous performance with more controls (you can download it from Kineme)

And speaking of learning some new tricks, ive gotten a plugin to allow any QC image to be passed on to iChat AV for video streaming. I hope it could be useful for strange collaboration… and, in theory, this should work with any QC aware VJ apps, so VDMX can now simulcast to iChat… (click for larger view)

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  1. MFreakz Says:

    Your “much better Quicktime Player” is really, really much better !!!
    Do you plan to ad DVD Support ?
    It could be really great to have DVD/VOB playback with some trigger input like:
    Play/Pause/Stop/FW/RW/Skip/up, down, left right, Enter/Angle/audio/subs
    Is it possible ?

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