Visual Glitch Haiku

Some images from the Share jam tonight. Updated FBO glitch plugin (currently being beta tested), in VDMX. Self referential source code text give the screenshots a visual haiku quality.

8 Responses to “Visual Glitch Haiku”

  1. jean poole Says:

    some of those pix look gorgeous in combo…
    nice stuff

  2. michele Says:

    hi Vade, this pictures are amazing!! very nice stuff it possible to port your code to jitter shaders?..

  3. michele Says:

    theese are some of the best glitch seen!! clip pleaseee

  4. Kjell Bjørgeengen Says:

    This looks interesting and good. Is it possible to test (VDMX) the patch?

    best regards

  5. michele Says:

    i already use your shred shader in jitter and it’s great, it would be awesome to have the glith shader too..i hope you could give me some advide about it, i’m starting rigth now to get into glsl shader writing
    all the best

  6. vade Says:

    The glitching is actually done outside of a shader, in a soon to be released Quartz Composer patch. Im sure the same could be done in Jitter, but would have to be done in a custom slab or render to texture object. Im doing some things WRONG with the textures on purpose, and I dont think a shader can do that… :\

    Stay tuned, im going to release some glitch plugins soon :)

  7. michele Says:

    i’m quite sure that YOU can get something like that with a custom slab ;)))

  8. Warren Ellis » Supers Says:

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