Excerpt from Hope

Video by outpt (Mary Ann), myself, Michael Una on audio. Custom Processing code from outpt captured and mixed with effects in VDMX, using custom v002 plugins (screen capture and blurs – yes, I eat my own dog food).

Music @ the Last HOPE from Collin Cunningham on Vimeo.

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  1. dan winckler Says:

    that’s some good-looking dog food. 🙂 mind if i ask why you didn’t use v002.app?

  2. vade Says:

    I expected to use more preset based stuff for some reason, which is not currently implemented in v002.app, but I ended up not really doing that, Also, right now, its kind of limited to a 2 channel mixer, and I wanted to use at least 3 channels for the performance (2 qt movies at least, and one for processing).

    I really need to get back into high gear on v002.app…

  3. vade Says:

    Hrm. Juno, thats a tough question. Ive had some difficult experiences with Max / Jitter doing what I want to do. Im interested in creating not just one off patches but a more complete framework for performance, that is dynamic and adaptable to a lot of scenarios. Essentially, I was attempting to build and very complex and modular application with Max.

    A few things threw me off.

    1) Enough changes in Max 5 to render almost all of my framework inoperable.
    2) Very hard to track down issues with Jitter and Textures that were causing serious issues during performance, that have not (yet) been dealt with
    3) Boredom. I wanted to try something new.

    Ive been quite happy with QC, but Jitter is definitely more complex, and allows for far more dynamic and interesting interactions. I was more creative with Jitter in the sense of my ability to create and design interesting interactions, but frustrated by speed and stability issues.

    Im still working and prototyping in Jitter, as its amazing, but I think QC is great for folks building apps and environments to perform in. Once Jitter 2.0 comes out, i’ll definitely re-asses.

  4. Juno Says:

    Great answer ! Thanks

    In my case, I don’t know enough jitter (yet) to feel its limit but i think to begin to study openframeworks.

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