Ive been working on some faster basic blurs for Quartz Composer. Stay tuned, ill be releasing them shortly on the v002 site. However, they got me interested in some variable blurs, or, defining arbitrary blur areas with arbitrary blur shapes, directions and amounts. Ive prototyped these blurs in GLSL, within Jitter (there are issues with Quartz Composers GLSL patch that are very annoying). Hopefully I can tune these and get them working nicely for Quartz Composer, as they could make some nice additions to the Blur plugins I plan on releasing shortly. I apply a ‘vector field’ using an arbitrary second image as the blur direction amount vector. The red and green channels of the second input modulate the sampler coordinates of the first image, which then provides the blur effect. Lots of interesting things to be done with this one…

3 Responses to “Blurry…”

  1. alx Says:

    Very nice. Looking forward to seeing these in motion.

  2. nicolas horne Says:

    it would also be great to be able to simply control the blur amount with a gradient image input

  3. nicolas horne Says:

    i mean like gradient blur in motion

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