FBO Glitch

Ive been attempting to create some genuine glitch, inspired by these amazingly beautiful glitch images from Mary Ann. While I have not captured the same aesthetic, Ive hit upon a pretty decent (and reproducible – at least on my hardware) way of creating some interesting actual glitches. The basic technique involves rendering to an FBO, not clearing it and randomly specifying different packed pixel formats and texture color component combinations for the resulting texture attachment/target. The look is definitely not what I was going for, but it works in its own way. I now suspect Mary Anns more geometrically interesting results were related to odd transformation matrices. Anyway, here is the result:

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  1. alx Says:

    Very nice. I remember once getting some quite nice glitches from a corrupt mpeg movie I downloaded, which did some cool things when I tried to play it in VLC. That was down to the keyframes being corrupted, I think, and the interpolation therefore not being able to do it’s work properly. Mary Ann’s VLC glitches are surprisingly geometric though…


  2. vade Says:

    Yeah, removing the keyframes for inter frame codecs give you really nice effects, where pixels ‘drift’ the direction of the motion vectors. There is a nice example for Jitter to use Optical Flow to re-create it. Might be an interesting plugin to make for QC. Hm…. 🙂

  3. alx Says:

    That an interesting idea… bad optical flow.
    Might be a bit processor-heavy though….


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