HV20 35mm adaptor test footage montage.

Cannon HV20 DIY 35mm Adaptor Initial performance test from vade on Vimeo.

I love this camera. Click the vimeo link for full res HD version.

5 Responses to “HV20 35mm adaptor test footage montage.”

  1. dan winckler Says:


    very nice.

  2. jln Says:

    Nice ! This makes me wish I had a camera (and er… a bit of talent as well) to go out and capture trees and plants. Nice choice of track btw.

  3. ced Says:

    Really nice.
    And i’d really like to know what is the audio track ?

  4. vade Says:

    ced – the audio track is from NIN – Ghosts 🙂

  5. axiom crux Says:

    where did you get this/how did you make it, I googled it but it seems like you have to do machining to DIY

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