Jitter on Comedy Central

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Im happy to say I’ve been able to occasionally use Jitter for some real world post production applications. One of my clients whom I normally do technical/video consulting work with got wind of some of my realtime/glitch work and had a project which seemed a perfect fit.

The Comedy Central Last Laugh ’07 sequence was conformed and finished with After Effects for full keyframe-able control, but most of the elements were made in realtime with Jitter in 720p, the glitch effects running on the GPU with some shader code. Being able to dynamically play with the effects in realtime brings a lot of experimentation to the work, finding some nice elements and working cases. We made matte passes, full color passes with various effect params, playing in realtime and recording the DVI out to the Decklink Intensity HDMI capture card.

Unfortunately we could not go all out crazy glitch, which I think would have looked better, but such is life in advertising. Below is a composite edit of some of the spots. The broadcast masters had a bit more variety than shown, but this copy is all I have as of now.

Comedy Central – Last Laugh ’07 – Superfad

3 Responses to “Jitter on Comedy Central”

  1. Brecht Says:

    Nice stuff! Interesting to hear you use the DVI out with Intensity… I was recently wondering whether that would be possible, my question is hereby answered 🙂 You capture using final cut?

  2. vade Says:

    Yup. The newer intensity drivers have colorspace conversions for DVI to YUV. I captured with Final Cut Pro 6 to DVCProHD with non controllable device, and just let it run.

    BTW, nice work man, 🙂

  3. Brecht Says:

    cool! I think I’m going to get me one. No more canopus dac crappy.
    btw, thanks, all jitter 🙂

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