iChat Analog Glitch Plugin

So I was bored tonight and chatting with a friend, and decided to move one of my v001 in progress glitch shaders to iChat under Leopard. Quartz Composers new GLSL compatibility makes this essentially a copy and paste operation. Oddly, it seems sampler2DRect/texture2DRect is a no go with the GLSLGrid rendering destination, just FYI.

Ive also included a background subtraction version, where only the foreground is glitched

Download Analog Glitch for iChat.


Move the Analog Glitch.qtz file to your ~/Library/Compositions folder (you can create it if you do not have it). Restart iChat.

2 Responses to “iChat Analog Glitch Plugin”

  1. alx Says:

    Very nice.
    Incidentally, inspired by your Chromatic Aberration screenshots, I knocked together a really simple version using QC the other day. I called it tb chromaZoom 1.0.qtz, and stuck it on the vidvox QC wiki page at http://wiki.vidvox.com/index.php/Quartz_Composer#Sample_Quartz_Composer_patches.2C_FX.2C_and_text_patches if you’re interested. Keep up the inspiring work!

  2. Rob Says:

    Very cool. Anything that tries add back an analog feel to our digital world is appreciated. Thanks.

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