Tibetan Book of the Dead

I’ve been working quite hard the past few months on putting together the technical back end, graphics, cueing and 3D component to an upcoming show at the Asia Society in NYC. Fortunately Ive had some excellent 3D modelers helping me, and some nice assets to work with. Im quite excited about it. The patch really pushes Jitter to the edge. Im importing quite a few model files, with normal maps, per pixel lighting, ease functions for animation, custom shaders for video effects, OSC control, all at 720p, with live HD mixing from two computer sources via the Decklink intensity cards. Its quite a challenge to keep everything going, but so far, so good, knock on wood. Still quite a way to go.

Here are some images from the patch, and a movie. More info soon.

Movie – QT7


6 Responses to “Tibetan Book of the Dead”

  1. ben hanbury Says:

    really beautiful! nice one

  2. gillian Says:

    Oh my god i love this! Very “goa trance”

  3. Sissi Marini Says:

    I love everything. It’s magically beautiful and spiritually mysterious. A kaleidoscope of universal movements and colors. To me it even beats the thrill of going to the planetarium. Thank you for sharing this. You rock !!! I love you.

  4. pauli T Says:

    Yo Aton! Beautiful images! Congratulations! I am going to try to make the show. See you there. PT

  5. rob Says:

    Impressive. Spiffy jittering. Good work

  6. Astrid Sandsdalen Says:

    Anton, jeg er veldig imponert – gratulerer, i really hope 2 see u next time in the big apple, keep up with this amazing work, masse luv fra Astrid

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