Kaaaannneeeeeeeedddaaa !!!!!!!!!


So I’ve been meaning to try and emulate a shutter/long exposure effect in realtime that captures and holds light above a certain threshold, similar to the light trails in Akira. Long and beautiful, while the background still retains its full speed motion.

Ive managed to create a GPU effect that runs around 60FPS on my MBP that emulates long exposure for light over a certain threshold, but keeps full motion for light below it – very much like those lovely Neo Tokyo bike chases. The patch uses supplied Jitter shaders with an additive and subtractive feedback system, with thresholds and a gaussian blur for good measure.


Heres a video of me experimenting with a pen laser in realtime (I am wise enough to to use a Military Spec laser cannon on myself) to demonstrate the effect – captured in iShowU. I know its pretentious but I simply had to include part of the Akira soundtrack. Heres wishing I had a nice bike to film…

Note, I’m hesitant to develop a v001.tetsuo/akira, less you want your VJ rig growing tentacles and absorbing all ambient energy and creating a baby universe.

Movie – QT7


5 Responses to “Tetsuooooooo!!!!!”

  1. Samuel Says:

    wow, awesome!

  2. b yates Says:

    Very cool

  3. ben hanbury Says:

    hey this is really nice! Would be interesting to see how it looked using several laser pens at once?

  4. MFreakz Says:

    Could you release a QC Patch for this brilliant fx ?

  5. garykwan Says:

    HI.this is a great work?Could you tell me what kind of patch u used for threshold in max/msp?

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