Ease in Ease out

Ease functions make camera motions/animations seem more natural by easing in and out the motion. Most Max objects (line,bline, etc) create perfectly nice linear ramps, but they seriously look mechanical. This can be great for a particular look (Im thinking of Autechre videos here.. *sigh*), but sometimes you want a more traditional and natural look. So I asked on the Max list and got some great responses, but they were not quite what I wanted (used line, for one).

I posted this to the Jitter list today, but here is a slightly more updated version of an ease in/ease out generator which works seamlessly with bline to create iterated linear approximations of smooth ease functions. Why approximations? Because bline only works with linear ramps, but it lets you specify a sequence of ramps back to back. This javascript makes a set of sequences that looks very smooth. Unfortunately the ease in/out ‘strength’ (slope of the acceleration) cant be changed just yet. That math is a bit beyond me for now.

v001.lib.easyease Download (Javascript and help file).

This will be in v001 framework, but its immediately useful and does not have any requirements. Check it out.

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