And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Sorry. Lolcat moment of weakness. Will not happen again. Promise.

Some new shaders I’m working on for Beta 2. Scanlines (create simple CRT-esque scan lines), Stripes (creates multiple colored uh… stripes, masked over the incoming video with rotation/color and mirroring), color grade (applies two two-point linear gradients to add some color variation to the texture – if used subtly can mimic some modern film color correction looks, if used aggressively can be nice as well). Ive got some more in the pipe, (5 by 5), like a simple bleach bypass filter, more generators, etc. etc.

Some [drunk] visuals with a test patch I threw together when testing the shaders. Music added for effect.

Movie – QT 7 H.264 (large – 19MB), (Small – 11MB) – Music by Astrobotnia – Part 2 B1.


2 Responses to “And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.”

  1. dan winckler Says:

    I like that last image a lot (not the patch). :) Did you/can you set your LFOs to make it ripple like a ribbon?

  2. vade Says:

    Hm. I think (if I understand), youd have to introduce a time delay. You can definitely make your LFOs move the angle back and forth, but a ripple, so it is actually ripple-ish would require a delay, so, er, no, not without that texture-buffer patch.


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