Shaders Beta 1 released

Hi. Ive released a beta set of shaders, most of which ive shown on the blog. So ive you were interested in checking them out and getting your hands dirty, check them out: has the stuff. Thanks.

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  1. michele Says:

    hey vade i can’t wait to try them but i have to wait till the afternoon..what about the priv_cartesian gpu effect-shader you showed us in one of you patches screenshot?..seems to be cool..
    i’m getting rigth now into shaders and glsl, it opens an whole new world of possibilities
    all th best

  2. vade Says:

    Hahah ! Damn you have good eyes!

    Ive renamed that shader to shred 😉 So you *can* play with it. Ive got a few more that arent finished, and a few more upgrades to the existing shaders that id like to do as well, but better to get the ball rolling. Damn thats funny :)

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