Holy Hail – Born of a Star

Im very pleased to be able to show the fruits of this project. I worked with director Elliot Jokelson from Ghost Robot on a music video for the rock/electro/country group Holy Hail.

All effects work was done custom in Jitter using OpenGL and some highly modified javascript controls. Output in HD live to a Final Cut Pro station, the video was basically VJ’ed live a few times and edited together in FCP with color correct. The initial footage was shot 720P with a Panasonic HVX-200, matted and color corrected for flat blacks in post, then run through the Jitter patch. Eliot and myself spent quite some time exploring slit scan techniques and settled for a particular look – here are the results:

Click for QT hosted at Ghost Robot.com*

The really nice thing about Jitter and the Panasonic P2 format is that I could be on set at the shoot, literally running through the footage as it came off of the P2 cards, into Jitter, and we could see the effected results in realtime, see what works, what doesnt, re-shoot as needed. Very very nice, fluid and adaptable workflow. Apparently the video is airing on MTV. You can read some reviews here and here.

*ill try and get a full resolution h.264 version up. 320×240 is too small.

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  1. danwinckler.com » Holy Hail music video Says:

    […] Anton has posted about the visual work he did on the music video for a song by the band Holy Hail. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the finished product since I saw his test clips of the same effects applied to video of an action figure. Hopefully he’ll get a large version up soon so we can see it in supra-320×240 glory. connections0 comments. […]

  2. michele Says:

    thats absolutely awesome!wonderfull job

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