Ive been fortunate enough to be a part of Share for some time, and be invited to some wonderful events around the country and world. Last month we had Share Mobile event for Club Transmediale in Berlin, and this month we are lucky enough to be going to Budapest to take part in the Ultrahang festival. We will be hosting various workshops in the week (i’ll be doing an intro graphical programming [QC, PD, Max/MSP/Jitter etc] course and a more advanced OpenGL in Jitter course), and then we will be hosting a large jam towards the end of the festival. Should be quite fun.

Some images from Share @ CTM: Day 1, Day 2, Share MTL gallery, and more on the official CTM site.

What I found most interesting about the CTM event (especially in terms of the Visuals), was that the volunteers and participants at performing at Share were much more interesting (and in my opinion talented) then those booked to perform by the festival. I saw some really lovely things the night of the 2 Share jams, and was quite disapointed by the visuals during the other events. Quite repetitive, unimaginative and lackluster.

That makes me feel both good and bad at once. Im curious what the artists Budapest have to offer.. Im willing to bet that ill see some really great stuff.

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