More weirdness..

Click to play. (QT 7 h.264)


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  1. Jaymis Says:

    Beautiful stuff. I’m guessing we’re looking at transparent planes in 3D with add blend mode?

  2. vade Says:

    Hi Jaymis, thanks for stopping by from CDM 🙂

    – Partially. Theres a lot of OpenGl feedback, and shaders going on. Slight luma displace and blur, as well as swapping horiztonatlly each draw cycle. But the basic effect is just that, planes drawn based on some positioning data, transparent, with GL_BLEND_MODE 6 1

  3. Andreas Wetterberg Says:

    *grabs pen, scribbles furiously*

    These are great – I would never have guessed that swapping horizontally was how you did the mirroring…
    The OpenGL feedback, is that how you get the motion of the planes+points in your latest work? I would love to crack that one – dynamic object positioning seems to be filled with pitfalls in Jitter – using a feedback mechanism you could presumably generate objects in “directions” rather than discrete positions, and letting the feedback do the work for you, rather than iterating through lists and so on… If I’m way off then that’s okay too 😉

    Anyway, this really captures the video feedback spirit, all the elements are there, it’s just cooler like that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. axiom crux Says:

    wierd, my question dissapeared. At any rate, Good work! Looks great! Im curious if you used the new imageunits for the feedback distortion or is it something else?

  5. vade Says:

    No image units at all. I used a slight luma displacement and a slight radial blur shader at times 🙂 I may have accidentally moderated your question as spam. Ive been getting hit pretty hard lately I must say. Sorry about that if I did!

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