Weird Movements… for weird movers

Your soundtrack: Metric (remix) : Haujobb

Click to play. (QT 7 h.264)





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  1. jane snijders Says:

    vade , fantastic clips! i have aquestion:
    I am a jitter newbie. I absolute love the clips above. this is the style i would like to explore in jitter.
    if i use your patches within jitter will that allow me to crate stuff like this wihout the need to create a jitter patch myself?
    do i need to b uy max/msp as well to be able to work with jitter/
    i am considering a jitter ircam course in paris in march..

  2. Create Digital Motion » Generative Inspirations: Texture Glitch, Flight404 Processing + Lemur Goodness Says:

    […] Texture Coordinate Munging [vade blog] … and more good texture/3D Jittery loveliness […]

  3. jane snijders Says:

    no responses…stupid me

  4. vade Says:

    Hi Jane – Sorry for the delay – I get a lot of spam and havent bothered automating the filtering.

    As for Jitter and v001 (my patches/abstractions), they still require some conceptualization of how Jitter and OpenGL works, otherwise it may not make a whole bunch of sense.

    I would say to start and delve into Jitter Tutorials which is how I learned, and to take the class at Ircam – a repuatable source for all things Max.

    That should get you started on the concepts, and will help you understand some of the things my patches are doing.

    Good luck!

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