v001 on CDM

Peter Kirn was kind enough to post a write up of v001 at Create Digital Motion. The forums also are hosting a thread about v001, and if you are interested, that thread will probably be the best place to ask questions and find answers. Ill be following the thread closely and will try tobe as helpful as possible. Feel free to mention feature additions or bug reports. I think a forum is the best sort of venue for this. Ive been pondering a mailing list, but a forum is a bit more casual. Perhaps if the system grows we’ll get a mailing list.

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  1. Peter Kirn Says:

    Ewwww, mailing lists. Forum + RSS is vastly preferable, right? (My inbox can be a dark and frightening place.) Actually have to look if you can do RSS per topic in phpBB. WordPress now have their own BB system, which is still pretty young but already looking very promising.

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